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Sushi Session at Seewen with Familie Herrli December 15, 2008

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Blue sky and white snow.

Colette enjoying her miso soup.

Sushi Session setup.

Mrs Herrli fanning the rice cool, a very important step.

Sabine giving the omelet rolling a try.

Wrap the omelet with paper towel and a rolling mat, then place aside for it to cool down.

Mrs. Herrli made her first Temaki (Handroll) Bravo!

Temaki is so easy to make, it is great for a party, everyone can make their own, or for satisfying a sushi craving.

Remember to use your fingers to hold the filling it when you roll.

That's it! A roll is born!


My mother-in-law Colette is a gymnastic teacher, one of her student, Mrs. Herrli booked a Sushi Session for herself, her two daughters, son-in-laws and another friend the last Saturday. She lives a bit outside of Basel, in a lovely village called Seewen.

Mrs. Herrli’s house is beautiful, huge windows with a great view. And she got this lovely spacious wintergarden with a long dining table. I could just imagine the dinners she hosts there. Her kitchen is also perfect for a cooking class.

Everyone were so nice and very enthusiastic learners, Mrs. Herrli came out and said she actually never had sushi before, but thought that would be a nice idea to do with her family before Christmas. We all had so much fun, and they really enjoy the self-made Sushi experience.
All the snap shoots are by Colette. Thank you so much for your assistance! Thank you Mrs. Herrli for hosting this sushi session at your beautiful house!


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  1. janetching Says:

    Hey, did not realise you have a new post! That was a fantastic lesson you gave! I want to add your blog to FOOD LOVERS IN BASEL.

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