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Sushi Session with Franziska, Armand, Regula and Urs February 2, 2009

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Our setup

Ziska paying her full attention to the Japanese Omelet technique.

Happy Temaki(Handroll) makers!!

He was so focus! Zen spirit!

Proud teacher I was!!

Look at our Nigiris!

Tamago nigiri.

The fruit of our 5 hours Sushi Session! Quite appetizing eh?

Franziska, my German teacher who I met at the Academia, coincidentally, we were friends already on FB. She was looking for an original idea as a present for her bf, Armand. When she told me that he loves sushi, I told her about my Sushi Session. She loved the idea and immediately decided to gift him a session for Christmas. Then her lovely sister, Regula and husband Urs also joined in. So this Saturday, they came over to my place and we had a great session together.
We had so much fun creating sushi. I show them the A to Z of sushi:

-How to make the perfect rice
-Miso soup
-Japanese omelet(tamago)
-Hand roll(easiest sushi ever, great for party)
-Maki(classic rolls)
-Uramaki(inside out roll)
-Nigiri(salmon, tuna, tamago..etc)

Thank you so much for your support and for these awesome pictures Franziska!