Sushi Session

it all happens at the comfort of your home

Make sushi with Carmen Fisch February 2, 2009

After many years of making sushi for my friends and family and noticing sushi’s raisig popularity in Basel area. I decided to create a fun sushi course for anyone who would like to learn how to make their own sushi at home.

Level I

* Introduction to sushi making essentials
* How to prepare the perfect Sushi rice and Sushi vinegar;
* How to correctly wash, cook and mix the rice
* How to prepare Miso soup and Japanese Seaweed Salad
* How to prepare Japanese omelet (Tamago)
* Demonstration of 3 styles of Maki Sushi (TemakiMaki and Uramaki)
* Demonstration of Nigiri and Gunkan Sushi
* Try out the different sushi techniques you just learnt
* Prepare easy to make decorations, platting and presentation
* Finally tasting your self-made sushi with your Sushi Session buddy together

Preparing Sushi is really great fun and rewarding, with my easy-to-follow instructions, plus a little bit of practice, you can soon produce fresh, beautiful and delicious sushi at home. Your guests will sure be impressed by your new learned skill.

Sushi Session is available in Basel area, right now Saturdays only, one session is around 5-6 hours.

4 – 6 people per Session
Fee: 180 CHF/person

Course fee includes all materials, sake, green tea and a sushi kit(with a Sushi knife) gift bag, a platter of sushi and recipes of the day for each participant to take home.

Sushi Session Gift Certificate is also available. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any special requests or arrangement. We are all about being creative!

“It’s a real fun event for a Saturday afternoon, also an unique gift idea for someone you love, or a great team-building activity in a company, you get to eat lots of sushi and learn something new!”–Carmen

Please call or write Carmen anytime for more information regarding bookings:
Natel: +41 (78) 667 6046



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